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Mireia Roca-Riu

Mathematician and PhD in Operations Research. I like working with formulations and models to improve transportation. Currently in Z├╝rich, Switzerland.

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Code and Resources

For my research I develop formulations, some code, and instances. I will share some of them here, so my work is easier to reproduce or in case it can help someone in their research.

Parking slot Assignment Problem (PAP)

Parking Slot Assignment Problem

  • Formulation with continuous time (as a VRP). In our article we describe the problem and propose a formulation and 4 different objective functions. Here you can download these formulations.

  • Instances for PAP. Randomly generated instances based

  • Separation of SEC. Implementation of Subtour Elimination Constraints (SEC) for the PAP formulation as a VRP.

  • Heuristic. Implementation of an Heuristic to solve the PAP.

Shared Customer Collaboration Vehicle Routing Problem (SCC-VRP)

alt text

Urban Consolidation Centers (UCC)

alt text